Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Announcing Our Cast & Crew

We are so happy to be working with such a great cast and crew! Look for these Family Folklore Players at their first performance on Sunday, December 7, 2014 from 3-5PM at the Marshal J. Garden Center in the Miller Beach Arts & Creative District in Gary, Indiana.

                                    Introducing the Cast for “Butterbird Christmas”:
                                               The Cast of the Family Folklore Players
Narrator                                                 Shavon King
Mom                                                      Beckey Swerdon                             
Dad                                                        Clarence Knight
Katie                                                      Lilly Haddox
Maggie                                                  Jianna Harrison
Sam                                                       Ethan Elliott
Nina                                                      Sydney King                      
Miss Sespal                                          Mandi Renslow                  
Susie Zipperfield                                  Lilly Haddox
Mrs. Zipperfield                                   Janine Harrison
Announcer/ Gramps                             Ron Nichols
Gammie                                               Connie Nichols                 
Grandma                                              Darlene Martinez
Grandpa                                               Ron Nichols
Dougie                                                 Gabe Messer
Puppy                                                   Promise Joy Renslow-Wiler
Sound Effects                                       Dawn Haddox
                                                              Seth Odenthal

These awesome folks performed their parts for us in August. We had to do it ADR style. ADR is short for Audio Dialogue Rerecording. Normally radio plays are performed with a group of actors meeting up together. Each actor gets his/her own microphone and it is done in a fancy studio. However, our budget didn’t all that for us. So, instead we recorded everyone individually. This means that our sound editor, Jessica Renslow, will go into each file and manually piece it together like a giant jigsaw puzzle! (We’ll explain the ins and outs of post-production in a later update.)


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