Thursday, October 2, 2014

Path to Funding Our First Fictional Project

With the radio play script in hand it was time for us to see about funding the project.  Our board also decided that the process of bringing a diverse community together to create a by-gone era in a repurposed art form might make for an interesting documentary. To accomplish both projects we realized we needed up-to-date cameras, mics, lights and other media equipment.

In our first two projects we had made due with floor model cameras and ambient light/sound.  We began by seeking corporate sponsorship with Butterball LLC since Christmas turkeys play a big role in the radio play. While we are still pursuing various corporate sponsorship, we really began to focus next on grants.

One of our previous projects “Food and Fellowship,” was filmed set in Miller, Indiana. We worked extensively with the Marquette Park First United Methodist Church congregation and neighboring community members, so, we decided to write a proposal to the Miller Community Fund for $2000.  

Site of Interviews and Voice Recording       
                                                     Miller, IN (handicap assessable)               

Happily, the MCF granted Family Folklore Foundation the monies in January of this year.  Working tirelessly to reach the grant application deadline, Family Folklore also put in for a nonprofit grant with Indiana Arts Commission, South Shore Arts, and the National Endowment for the Arts. 

This year the IAC, SSA, and NEA awarded us with $4,800 for additional equipment for the newest media project.  We are ecstatic and can’t wait to share it with the public!