Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Sky, Dune, & Lake Watch

Fifty years ago Man stood on the Moon.  The photo of the earth caused such a sensation soon followed the first Earth Day.  We are celebrating the earth, sky, and waters this year in honor of this anniversary.

Come on our various excursions to learn and exult in our wonderful life.  Our first such trip is to the Merrillville Community Planetarium on Saturday night, April 21st to appreciated the night sky.  
ght, April 21st to learn about the sky.

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  1. Pandemic Prof Prof Presents:
    Mission 3rd and 4th Rock from the Sun
    By Dr. Meg Grandfield DeMakas, Ed D, LUC

    Attention, Future Astronauts!
    Welcome to Family Folklore Foundation, Inc., or famfolkfound (www.famfolkfound,org.) Our mission is to offer learning experiences to people of all ages. During the World Pandemic we are increasing our reach from local places to include you, the newspaper audience. Our mission, Third and Fourth Rock from the Sun, is funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, Indiana Arts Commission, and South Shore Arts as well as other donors. Before we learn about the geology of the Earth and Mars, let’s learn about ourselves. As future astronauts we will learn about the physical, educational, and social collaboration training of the International Space Station. Online we will search Indiana websites to learn about the rich geology of our Hoosier state. Then by Spring we will wear astronaut suits and participate in a simulated Mars Mission at the Challenger Learning Center in Hammond. So come aboard and prepare to enjoy learning about each other and our beautiful universe!
    Challenge #1: Who Am I? Poster See yourself now and in the future by making a poster board of your life.
    1) Make a collage or poster of pictures that represent your interests, talents, and values, your family, and your physical, educational, and social goals. Touch on the International Space Station goals of physical, educational, and social skills to be astronauts in spirit.
    2) Use a science board or construction paper or digitally to create your poster. You can add objects, such as a feather if you like birds or a patch if you like to quilt. The template below can be a guide. My digital poster is an example.
    3) If you put your poster on the refrigerator or by your desk, it will energize and inspire you.
    4) Future Astronauts, you can show me your poster by attaching a picture of it to an email to me at famfolkfound@gmail.com.
    5) Keep your eyes open for Challenge #2: My Backyard Mystery!